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Update March 19th 2021.

I am back in the studio again!  It has taken a while to get back on the horse, but I am here.  I recently produced “Home” which is a song came out on it’s own quite unexpectedly. The song is on the youtube link below.  You can also buy the song on my bandcamp page at   I would love to hear what you think of “Home”.


There is lots of news to talk about. 

In June 0f 2016 I started a band with Britt Moore(vocalist) and Chris Alger(cajon player)fiasco-sticker.  The band was called Fiasco and we were going great guns.  We got into “Battle Of The Band” competition at Nectars in Burlington,  played Radio Bean in Burlington, played several times at The Mount Washing Hotel,  were featured at the Kingdom Brew Fest and played lots and lots of gigs all over.  Some weeks we were playing 3 nights a week in addition to practicing 2 nights per week.  

Britt and I were (are) also recording an album called Twin Flames which is going very well!   The music is different than anything else I have ever produced and I am loving it.

Britt’s mother is 82 years old and living alone in Arizona since her husband died last year.  Britt decided to move to Arizona to help her mom (which is the right choice) which means our band ended.  Britt and I are going to try to finish the album long distance if possible.  We just have to work out the details.  

Life is about change and growth.   I am working to embrace both.   My favorite saying is “if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans”.